The Global Graduate
Fellows Program


The Global Graduate Fellows Program (GradPrep) is an international program that prepares its membership base for the global community.

Periodically, members can travel abroad and gain international experience.

The trip includes some or all of the following: cultural activities, internships, service components, and basic foreign language classes overseas. This fortifies our members’ on-going pursuit of knowledge, as well as strengthen leadership, service, and global awareness acumen.


We use the selectivity model called “The 3 C’s” – Capability, Collaboration, and Character.

Our Global Graduate Fellows exemplify these attributes in their service regionally, nationally, and globally.

“I have gained a unique experience by being in Mexico, so I can share my experience and perspective with students in graduate school. As a result, it will make classroom discussions more diverse with fellow students. It will also allow me to understand other students who originate from the region.”

– Bryan

Bryan Yankton
2014 Global Immersion Module - Mexico


For the 2008 Inaugural Global Immersion Module (GIM), the organization was involved in several, high-profile projects in Shanghai, China, including:
  • A marketing research project for the legendary music and film producer, Quincy Jones. Mr. Jones was one of the partners of Alaska Glacier Water.
  • Global Graduate Fellows helped manage China’s first night run with Nike. It is called The Human Race.
  • The consulting internship was conducted at Sundance ( Sundance leads the world in the design and manufacture of mixed COTS digital signal processing and FPGA architectures. Sundance works with NASA, IBM, United Defense, Nokia, and Phillips.
  • Global Graduate Fellows conducted market research for Shanghai Business Review, and in-depth analyses of advertising in the business publication sector.


Global Graduate Fellows have traveled to
Asia and Mexico in the past.

Please contact us to inquire about future trips.