The Global Graduate Fellows Program (GradPrep) is a faith-based student incubator for thought, vision, and experience.

We offer workbooks, courses, and global leadership retreats to transition you to graduate school and your career.


โ€œWe are grateful to reach our 20th anniversary this year!

For 2023, we invite you to run, jog or walk with us as we collaborate with selected educational organizations to release hope to the next generation.

Whether you are part of our alumni family or new to our cause, THANK YOU for becoming part of our story!โ€

– Keisha Dawn Sowers, MPA

It was an honor to participate with over 500 runners to raise $50,000 in funds for the Special Olympics in the 2022 Garden of Life 5k sponsored by Palm Beach Marathon. Over $350,000 raised since the races started in 2015.

Sat September 9, 2023
Byrd Park

Richmond, VA 23221 US

One teen out of every five suffers from mental illness, yet less than 33% get help. Together, we can change that.

To continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary, GradPrep is participating in SpeakUp5k, an event by the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation (CKG).

CKG provides tools that cultivate awareness and understanding of teen depression and anxiety.ย  The CKG Foundation has offered a variety of programs in schools and in our community, including workshops, parent chat nights, & mindfulness education.

Additionally, CKG hosts the SpeakUp5k as a way to bring the community together in a positive and energetic way to start the conversation to SpeakUp for teen mental health.

Please consider participating in SpeakUp5K with us to support CKG in reaching even more teens and their families. Help begins when we SpeakUp for teen mental health!